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TQ enables you to search for lenses from which you want to find regarding your patients’ needs, whether it is the selection of soft lenses, gas permeable lenses, or those incorporating hybrid materials.


Lens Solutions

Lens Solutions are listed in Tyler’s Quarterly from all the U. S. approved manufacturers as to saline solutions, cleaning products, wetting solutions, oxidation systems, and combination products for soft lens, gas permeable, and hybrid lens designs.


Manufacturer List

For your convenience all the manufacturers represented in the TQ listings in this database are listed in a special directory providing you with phone and fax numbers when available, plus known email and website and physical addresses provided to TQ.


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TYLER’S QUARTERLY has been the leader in keeping eye care practitioners and others in the optical world up to date on the latest products in the contact lens field – both with hydrogel and gas permeable lens materials – in a handy hard-copy format.

Now, TYLER’S QUARTERLY is available in an electronic version to accommodate those who want all the same contact lens information for use on an office computer or hand-held device.

As demand allows, TQ will be available in both hard-copy and electronic versions as separate subscriptions, but will still remain affordable if both versions are needed in the office.

The electronic TQ will be updated throughout the yearly purchased subscription as data is received and can be downloaded at the subscriber’s convenience during the year. And you will be notified electronically when your subscription is due for renewal.

So, welcome to the new world of TYLER’S QUARTERLY as it steps into the digital age. You can search the lenses you need as always by name of the lens, manufacturer, and any number of a range of searchable parameters. Contact lens solutions, compatible make-up, and conversion charts are also included. We hope that you like what you see with this new TQ product and find it useful in your office, practice, and daily business. Thank you.

T. T. Tyler Thompson, OD

TYLER'S QUARTERLY keeps you on top of the latest in contact lens offerings

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